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Interior AIDS Association
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Friday, June 4, 2010

Stone Soup Cafe 5-3-2010

Every Thursday, Ashley and I (Valerie) go to Stone Soup Cafe, our local soup kitchen.  We have been going there on a weekly basis for three months and are recognized by the regular diners and volunteers. When we are there, we talk to the diners and encourage them to get tested for HIV and to encourage people they may know who are engaging in risky behavior to get tested as well. Yesterday was very successful in that we got a few diners to take a few extra copies of our fliers to pass out to people they know.  We always assure them that we are not targeting specific people and that everyone should know their HIV test status.  We let them know that our testing is free, anonymous, not discriminatory, and that we are sharing this information because we care about them and keeping them safe. We also keep Stone Soup stocked with condoms and lubrication, which are very popular.  I look forward to going to Stone Soup every week because it is never the same experience.  I always have a good time talking to people and enjoy the challenge of gaining their trust to address the sensitive subject of HIV.

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