Interior AIDS Association

Interior AIDS Association
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Body Piercing Unlimited and Tattoo and Hater Proof Tattoo

Today Ashley and I are going to a couple of tattoo parlors around town.  We are going to talk to the owners and see if they would like free condoms in return for their help in getting our name out so that people know where to get tested.  We will also being doing some outreach in the surrounding areas.  Tattoo artists and piercing professionals practice HIV safety on a daily basis so their collaboration would be helpful to us.  In addition to the tattoo shops, we will be doing outreach around "head shops" and a couple of liquor stores.  We always work in pairs for our safety. We will be prepping for our class tomorrow and will be teaching Module 2: The Consequences of Sex: HIV Infection.  This is always an interesting section to go over because many people do not know the correct information.  We give the facts on how HIV is transmitted and how it is not. 

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